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Can you afford to grow your business with Amazon?

Amazon: Is it the right way to grow your business?

I don’t believe there is one sure-fire method to growing your business. What worked for one person to grow a business may not work for you or me. A system to grow your business to XX dollars in XX time is a system that worked for that person with certain education, experiences, and personality. Will you see the same results? Perhaps. That said, I am concerned about the number of businesses jumping on the Amazon bandwagon. Continue reading

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7 Ways to Put Cash in Your Pocket Right Now

Need some cash? Who doesn’t, right? Here’s a list of ways to get some cash in your pocket fast.

1. Review software subscriptions.
Get out those bank and credit card statements and look for recurring software subscription fees. Which ones can you cancel because you don’t need it? Are there any subscriptions you still use but can go to a less expensive subscription level?

2. Cancel magazine and newspaper subscriptions.
Are those magazines and newspapers always piling up because you don’t have time to read them? Maybe it’s time to cancel. Like right now.


3. Pay your bills on time to avoid late fees and interest.
Make a regular appointment with yourself to pay your bills on time. When you open the mail, always put bills to pay in a special box or bin, so they don’t get lost.

4. Make your coffee instead of going to the coffee shop.  

At $5 bucks a pop, you could save at least $20 a week.

5. Reach out to a client who owes you money.
You should be doing this weekly via email or a quick phone call. You’re not a bank, and you shouldn’t be financing your client’s business by allowing them to pay late. Be politely firm about getting paid according to the terms of the contract your client signed. You may even consider making the payment terms shorter, like ten days instead of 30.

6. If you have a decent sized email list or social media following, consider offering a flash sale on your product or service.

7. Sell your old electronics and books on Amazon.
Gather up those electronics and books you haven’t looked at in ages and head on over to to see how much Amazon will give you for them. Amazon credits your account with a gift card, so it isn’t technically cash in your pocket, but a gift card still spends.

Do you have more ideas of how to put cash in your pocket right now?

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