Make Online Banking Work For You

We’re surrounded by technology these days, did you notice? There are apps to do things you never knew you even needed to do. The sheer number of options when using new can be overwhelming.

I think the key is to choose apps that help you be productive and make your life easier. Select tools that automate time-consuming processes and you start feeling more on top of things right away. 

Here’s an example: are you getting the most out of your online banking? If you suspect you might not be taking advantage of basic tools that really streamline things, take a look this short list.

Mobile Apps – Use the mobile app from your bank to accomplish on your mobile device pretty much the same tasks you can do by logging in on your computer. You can do your banking anywhere there is a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Wouldn’t you rather be doing something rather than just waiting around for an appointment or the subway?

Online Bill Pay – Stop wasting time and money buying checks and stamps to pay your bills. When you use the online bill pay service, your bank will print and mail the check to the payee on your behalf, which saves you the cost of buying checks, envelopes, and stamps. Even better is the fact that your bank account number is nowhere on the check, which helps protect you against fraud.

There’s very little you can’t pay via online bill pay: utilities, rent, insurance, loan payments, credit cards, independent contractors, and much more.  Many utility and credit card companies even allow you to receive e-bills from them via your online banking service.

Don’t want your bank to mail a check to your payee? Pay them using their email address. Most banks now offer services to send and receive money simply by providing an email address. And most banks do not charge fees for these bill pay services, so why not take advantage of it?

Build Your Credit Score – Stop paying late fees because you forgot to pay a bill. Schedule recurring credit card, rent, loan payments and the like to be paid on time every month. This will help improve your credit score, too.

Invest 20 minutes and log into your online banking now and explore the options your bank has available to pay bills more efficiently and manage your cash better. Make the technology work for you.

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