Sales Tax is Confusing and Frustrating

Every state has its own rules as do many cities. To make matters worse, sales tax laws are changing faster than ever so states can raise more revenue. That’s fine for them, but what about your business?

Figuring out where you should register to collect and pay sales tax and then filing the returns is mind-numbing.

If you sell through Amazon FBA, sales tax can be even more confusing.

What happens when you receive a notice you are going to be audited? Cities and states are becoming more aggressive with audits to make up for revenue losses. That’s fine for them but what about you? How do you prepare for an audit? What if you say the wrong thing to an auditor?

You don’t have to be lost in sales tax confusion. I like sales tax. I’m weird that way.

Let’s talk about how I can help with your sales tax obligations and make the process less mind-numbing. Schedule a 30-minute complimentary strategy session now.